As a Real Estate Consultant I will represent YOU. For a seller, as a seller’s agent in the marketing and sale of your home. For a buyer, as a buyer’s agent in the purchase of your next or first home. 

This may be one of the most important decisions of your life. I will be working for you, keeping at all times your best interest in mind. I will be directly involved in advising and counseling you with regards to a large portion of your personal assets.

First of all, I must have your confidence and trust, creating a fiduciary relationship, but also, you should have specific criteria for choosing me as that special person.

Appearance, demeanor, attitude.
Realtor designations indicating a higher level of learning, and expertise.
The experience and knowledge to guide you from start to finish through the complexities of a real estate transaction.
With 35+ years of experience in the Real Estate profession, I know I can provide all of the above, and give you the professional assistance you deserve with all of your real estate needs to help you make GOOD DECISIONS. 

Darrell Borchers


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